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Hi, I'm Georgie Heath

a sports broadcaster, commentator, presenter, journalist, podcast host, MC, voice-over artist & social media creator

Oh, and I'm also a huge advocate for women's sport & ensuring it gets the credit it deserves

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I co-host 'Women's Cricket Chat' podcast where we interview people from all over the world of women's cricket including players, coaches, umpires, trailblazers and more


"And if you can see it; you can be it." - Billie Jean King

I am proudly a champion for 'Her Game Too Cricket' & and young ambassador for the MCC Foundation

HER GAME TOO LOGO. Black #HER above red GAME above black TOO by red shield with female symbol with red cricket ball inside
MCC Foundation logo. Yellow M inside red CC above white FOUNDATION

"The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up." - Serena Williams


I've worked with

England Netball logo. Black capital EN with black circle around next to ENGLAND written above NETBALL in capital letters
AW logo. White AW on a red background
BBC Sport logo. Black BBC Sport on yellow background
Telegraph logo. The Telegraph written in black gothic font over white background
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UCI Cycling World Championships 2023 Logo. Black bicycle with small section on back wheel coloured green, yellow, blue an red
World lacrosse logo. Black lacrosse stick with multicolouted ball inside next to capital letter WORLD written above LACROSSE
Team England logo. Red lion leaping over TEAM written above ENGLAND both in gold capital letters
ECB Logo. Three white lions with white crown on top and ECB at the bottom in white
Edgbaston logo. Dotted white lower case e inside navy circly next to edgbaston written in blue
Times Radio logo. Capital TIMES in white next to RADIO in pink. Dark grey background pink circles bottom left top right corn
Women in football logo. Lime green WOMEN IN above FOOTBALL next to premier league white lion
TalkSport Logo. Black background with yellow talksort writing and a cricket ball in a white speech bubble
Sky Sports Logo. White lower case sky on navy background next to capital SPORTS on red background
Bat for a chance logo. BAT FOR A in navy above CHANCE in red next to blue batter an red ball arc around the bat and players
Legends League Cricket Logo. Blue LEGENDS LEAGUE CRICKET on three separate lines next to cricketer hitting a shot
LTA logo. White capital letter LTA on blue tennis court background on a slant
ICC logo. Blue-green cricket ball above lower case Internatonal Cricket Council
England lacrosse logo. White shield. Navy ENGLAND LACROSSE above England flag, gold lion & rose on red background


Commentary/ Reporting

MC / Announcer

Written journalism

Social Content

Voice over

Event hosting


Please get in touch if you're cooking up something & would like my services


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